OpenUtilities Substation Help

Preferences Dialog, Input Category

Consists of controls that are used to set preferences for keyed input and pointer drag operations.

Start in Parse All Mode If on (the default), the parsing function is turned on ( SET PARSEALL ON ) when the product starts.
Disable Drag Operations If on, the product disregards Data button-up actions when the pointer is in views. A data point is entered at the pointer position when the Data button is pressed, but a second data point is not entered when the Data button is released. The default is off.
ESC exits command If on, pressing <ESC> deactivates the selected tool and activates the Default Tool chosen in the Look and Feel category. The default is off.
Locate Tolerance Sets the size of the searched area around the pointer when searching for an element. The default is 10 pixels.
Pressing Enter Shows Keyin Browser If on, pressing <Enter> shows the Key-in window. The default is on.
Locate Interiors Allows a closed, surface, or solid element to be located by a data point in the element interior and not just at the edges:
  • Never - Does not allow selection by a data point in the interior of the element.
  • Visible (the default) - If you can see the surface in the view, you can locate the element by a data point in its interior.
  • Always - You can always locate an element by a data point in the interior of the element.
Pointer Size Sets the size of the pointer cross hairs. Can be set to Normal or Full View. The default is Normal.
Pointer Type Controls the alignment of the pointer's cross hairs:
  • Orthogonal — Traditional "+" pointer (the default).
  • Isometric — Cross hairs are aligned with the isometric drawing plane (top, left, right, or all). This is especially useful with the Place Isometric Block and the Place Isometric Circle tools. The Isometric Plane is set in the Locks dialog.
Click Sensitivity Adjusts how aggressively clicks are interpreted as drag operations versus data points.
  • Normal (the default)
  • Fast
  • Slow — This is the optimal choice for usage with tablet devices. With tablet devices, sometimes a click is interpreted as a click and drag, which causes an extra data point to be placed. Using this setting eliminates this problem.
  • Pen — This is the optimal choice for usage with pen input devices because the product most aggressively interprets input as drag moves.
Reset Pop-up Menu Sets the Reset button action that causes the Reset pop-up menu to appear.
  • Press and Hold — Pressing and holding the Reset button for the duration specified Hold Delay causes the menu to appear. Clicking the Reset button enters a Reset. This is the default.
  • Click — Clicking the Reset button causes the menu to appear.
Hold Delay Sets the time interval, in ticks (60ths of a second), during which the Reset button must be pressed and held to cause the Reset pop-up menu to appear. The default is 10 ticks (0.17 seconds).

While the Reset Pop-up Menu preference is set to Click, the Hold Delay preference does not affect the operation of the menu, and the Hold Delay slider control is disabled.