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Pen Table - Map Design Colors to Output Pen Symbology Dialog

Used to apply multiple output color and width symbology to different parts of the same element, based on the component colors. For example, an element with a multicolored custom line style or an associative hatch linkage definition with a different color may be assigned unique widths for the specific colors using pen color maps. Pen color maps correspond to printer driver configuration file pen records, and may be overridden using element-based output actions.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Modify Pen Table dialog: click the Map Pen Colors button

You can sort a column's values by ascending or descending order. Click the column heading of the column you want to sort. Click the column heading again to sort the values in the opposite order.

Create Creates an initial set of 255 design color to output pen symbology maps.
Edit (Enabled only when one or more pen table entries are selected.) Opens the Edit Pen Map(s) dialog, for the selected pen table entry, which is used to edit the selected pen table entries.
Edit > Create New Pen Maps Creates an initial set of 255 design color to output pen symbology maps. Same as clicking the Create button.
Edit > Import from Printer Driver Configuration Opens the Import pen maps from printer driver configuration file dialog, which lets you select an existing printer driver configuration file from which to import pen records.
Edit > Edit Selected Pen Maps (Enabled only when one or more pen maps are selected.) Opens the Edit Pen Map(s) dialog, which lets you set the parameters for the pen maps. Same as clicking the Edit button.
Clear All Pen Maps Deletes all pen maps from the dialog.
List box Displays the current settings for the pen mapping:
  • Design Color — color indices 0 through 254 (only) may be mapped. Output symbology cannot be assigned to the background color (index 255).
  • Enabled — individual pen maps may be disabled if desired. This preserves the settings in the pen table file, but prevents them from affecting the print. The Enabled column may be useful if you wish to use both pen table pen maps and .pltcfg or .plt pen records. Unless disabled, pen table pen maps override those in the .pltcfg or .plt file.
  • Print Color — displays the print color using RGB values.
  • Transparency — optional print transparency, with a range of 0–100%.
  • Print Grayscale — if checked, the print color is converted to grayscale.
  • Print Screening — optional screening factor, with a range of 1-99. This control is used to "wash out" a color towards white in the printed output. A 50% screen, for example, moves a color halfway to white. Screening can be used to save ink, or to de-emphasize elements plotted in that color. A screening value of 100 means do nothing, while a screening value of 1 makes the color white.
  • Print Width — optional print width in either millimeters or inches.