OpenUtilities Substation Help

Panduit Part Number Selection

The Panduit Part Number Selection dialog enables you to find the proper Panduit components based on user-defined criteria selection.

Accessed when:

The selected part numbers can be added to any symbol in a OpenUtilities Substation drawing. This allows search criteria specific to individual product groups to be stored and searched.

The following dialog displays prompting you to select the type of Panduit Component:

When you select a type and click OK, the Part Number Selection dialog displays:

Filters The top half of the dialog provides options to filter the display of the component records:
  • Change Type: Displays the Select Filter Type dialog shown above so you can change the type of Panduit component. This filters the records in the Part Number Selection dialog to display only records of the selected panduit type.
  • User Defined Filters: The user defined filters let you further customize the display of component records. As each filter is set, the lower, the Selection portion of the dialog will reduce the displayed parts based on the entered filter. Each additional filter that is applied builds on the previous filtering.
    Note: If you see the message Records with missing part numbers are missing from the Promis.e parts database it means that part records exist in the Panduit.MDB database but not in your general parts database. This may occur if you have not merged your Panduit part records into your OpenUtilities Substation parts database. The Panduit part records exist in the table parts_database to add to main database in the file plugins/panduit.mdb . You may use the database merge tool or manually paste the records into your OpenUtilities Substation parts database using MS-Access.
    The following types of filters are available:
    • List Filter: A list will display parameters for all of the parts currently in the selection area of the dialog. The list itself is filtered to only show values that will exist based on previously entered filters.
    • Text Filter: The text type filter will return all records that have the user-entered text in any part of the selected field. For example, entering round would return any descriptions containing the word round in any part of the description.
    • Max and Min Filters: These filters allow you to enter in a specific value and will return all records that have a Maximum above the entered value or a Minimum value below the entered value.
Selection Grid The Selection grid shows the parts that remain after the combined filters are applied:

Specific parts within the selection can also be found by sorting. Selecting any column heading will sort by that field. Selecting the field again will reverse the sort. Columns may also be dragged left or right to change the order. Columns can also be re-sized to display the desired fields.

When you locate the proper part, highlight it and select OK (or double-clicked on it) to add it to the Select Part Number dialog.