OpenUtilities Substation Help

Output Balloon BOM

The Output Balloon BOM tool enables you to place a BOM report on the current drawing page containing only parts and quantities that are visible on the drawing.

Accessed from:
  • Section Cuts Ribbon
Note: If this is a section view drawing only looking at one portion of a substation, the Balloon BOM report will only show what is displayed in this section view drawing rather than everything in the project.
New Page Places the report on a newly created drawing page. Displays the New Page dialog to make settings for the drawing page that will hold the report including page format, page name, installation, location, etc. If the report requires multiple pages, the page name entered here will be the first page; additional pages will be created as needed.
Existing Page Places the report on an existing drawing page.
Note: When using an existing page, the entire report will be placed, even if there is not enough room. Excess material will appear outside the page borders. This is done to avoid overwriting drawings that might be on the following pages. You can manually cut the parts that don't fit and paste them on another page.
Page Margins Sets the Top, Bottom, Left and Right margins for the report drawing pages.
Row Height Sets the height of the lines (rows) in the report.
Text Style Sets the text parameters for the report. Select the Edit button to edit the text style.
Multiple Columns Select the Multiple Columns checkbox if you wish the report to occupy multiple columns on the page. If you select this checkbox, the Gap Width field becomes active, allowing you to enter a width value for the gap between columns.
Note: If multiple column and gap width settings are included in the template for the report, these settings will appear automatically in the Text on Drawing dialog.