OpenUtilities Substation Help

OpenNurbs File Settings Dialog

Used to open or import Rhino 3DM files.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Open dialog: select a 3DM file and click the Options button

Simplify Geometry If on, the converter will try to simplify the output geometry. For example, a linear B-spline may be converted to a line. Shapes that form a cylinder will be converted to a cylinder.
Convert Invalid Rhino Objects If on, Rhino bodies or surfaces will be converted to a Smart Solid or Smart Surface. If a body fails the individual faces will be converted to Smart Surfaces B-spline surfaces. All surfaces generated from faces within the same solid will be grouped in a cell. If individual faces cannot be converted, you will receive an error message telling you to fix the model in Rhino.
Generate XML Log File If on, an XML log file containing information about the conversion will be generated.
Convert Failed Output to Rhino Files If on, the elements that failed to convert will be output to individual Rhino files.