OpenUtilities Substation Help

Open Google Maps

Used to open Google Maps with the selected location in the center of the map.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Utilities > Geographic > Open Google Maps
  • Toolbox: Geographic

When you enter a data point, the location is opened in the Google Maps website in the browser.

Style Sets the mode in which the map is displayed.
  • Map — Displays a standard street map.
  • Satellite — Displays a satellite imagery.
  • Hybrid — Displays the street map as well as the satellite imagery.
  • Terrain — Displays the street map with illustrations of the terrain.
View Set other Google Map view settings.
  • Map — Displays only the map.
  • Streets — Displays the map and the street view.
  • Traffic — Displays the map with traffic information.
Zoom Determines the scale of the map. The scale range is from 1 to 23. You can directly enter the scale in the text field or move the sliding bar.