OpenUtilities Substation Help

Multi-snap Settings Dialog

Used to set up groups of snaps known as multi-snaps.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Drawing Aids > Snaps (S) > Multi-snap Settings button
  • Ribbon: Modeling > Drawing Aids > Snaps > Multi-snap Settings button
  • Ribbon: Visualization > Drawing Aids > Snaps > Multi-snap Settings button
  • Status Bar: AccuSnap > Multi-snap Settings (MSS)

When a multi-snap is active, AccuSnap and Tentative Point snap processes the list of snaps that it represents. To change the order in which the snaps are processed, drag the list entries.

Icon bar Used to set the multi-snap mode to define.
  • Multi-snap 1 — By default: Intersection, Keypoint, Nearest.
  • Multi-snap 2 — By default: Intersection, Keypoint, Center.
  • Multi-snap 3 — By default: Midpoint, Intersection, Center.
MULTISNAP < 1 | 2 | 3 > [ snap_mode_list ]
In the MULTISNAP key-ins, snap_mode_list can consist of any or all of KEYPOINT, BISECTOR, MIDPOINT, ORIGIN, INTERSECTION, CENTER, and NEAREST, separated by spaces, in the desired order.

Entries in snap_mode_list can be abbreviated to the first letter of the snap. For example, MULTISNAP 1 k b i is the same as MULTISNAP 1 KEYPOINT BISECTOR INTERSECTION.