OpenUtilities Substation Help

Multi-Line Text

This function enables you to place a block of text which can have more than one line (treated as a single object).

Accessed from:

  • 2D Design > Common Tools Group
  • Panel Design > Common Tools Group

Specify a starting point in the drawing, then click on the first corner and opposite corner to define a text box on the drawing.

Text Enter the desired text in the Text area of the dialog. Press <Enter> to start a new line.
Underline Enables you to underline all or none of the text.
Search Language Phrases If you wish to use foreign language text phrases, select the Search Language Phrases button. The following dialog will appear.

Select the desired language text followed by the OK button.

Settings Specify the text Height, Angle, Slant, Font, Ratio, Label Origin, Color, and Attribute Number in the respective fields.