OpenUtilities Substation Help

Models Dialog

Used to create, manage, and switch between models in the open DGN file.

You can access this dialog from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Home > Primary
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Annotate > Primary
  • Ribbon: Modeling > Home > Primary
  • Ribbon: Admin > Home > Primary
  • Toolbox: Primary Tools
  • Default Function key menu: <Ctrl+F1>

You can dock the Models dialog to the top or bottom edge of the application window.

Each DGN file contains one or more models, each of which has its own set of eight views. You can create a model as a 2D or 3D Design type, as a 2D Drawing type or as a 2D or 3D Sheet type. Sheet models let you attach references to create a set of working drawings for the model file. Icons at the top of the Models dialog give you access to its various functions.

Create a new model

Opens the Create Model dialog, which lets you create a new model in the open DGN file.
MODEL CREATE DESIGN [ name ] [ description ]
MODEL CREATE SHEET [ name ] [ description ]
MODEL CREATE DRAWING [ name ] [ description ]
Copy a model

Opens the Copy Model dialog, which lets you make a copy in the open DGN file of the model selected in the list box.
Edit Model Properties

Opens the Properties dialog in which you can modify the properties of the model selected in the list box.
Delete a model

Deletes the model selected in the list box.
Note: You cannot delete the Default model that is present in the DGN file when it is created.
Import a model

Opens the Import Model From File dialog, which is similar to the Open dialog. This lets you select a DGN or DWG file from which to select the model to import. After clicking OK, the Select Models dialog opens from which you can select the model to import into the open DGN file.
MODEL IMPORT [ file ] [ model1 ]
MODEL IMPORT ALL [ filename ]
Note: You can drag DGN or DWG files from Windows Explorer into the Models dialog to import the models from the selected DGN/DWG files. Similarly you can drag models from the Models dialog in another open session to the Models list box to import the models.
Define Sheet Boundary

(Active Sheet model only) Opens the Sheet Boundary tool settings window, which lets you to set the size (height and width), scale, rotation, and border attachment of the paper.
List Filter

If on displays a filter row in the list box that lets you define a filter for any of the list columns.

To define a filter, click on the required filter field and enter the filter parameters. For information on defining filters by string, integer, or boolean expression, refer to the tables in the section Using Filters. For some columns, the boolean expressions in the filter field represent parameters as listed below:

  • 2D/3D
    • 0 - 2D
    • 1 - 3D
  • is Cell
    • 0 - Model cannot be placed as a cell
    • 1 - Model can be placed as a cell
  • Cell Type
    • 0 - Graphic
    • 1 - Point
  • Is Annotation Cell
    • 0 - Model is not an Annotation cell
    • 1 - Model is an Annotation cell

When you click the filter field in the Type column, a drop-down opens that contains the filter options None, Design, Drawing, and Sheet.

Models List box Lists the models in the open DGN file. An icon displays next to the model name indicating whether the model is 2D or 3D. You can edit the model name and description by triple-clicking on the selected model name in the list box. To copy, delete, or adjust properties of a model, you must first select it here. Double-clicking a model here makes it the active model.

You can customize the columns displayed in the list box by right-clicking in the title row of the list box and using the menu to select which options are displayed. Items that can be displayed are:

  • Type — Icon signifying a Sheet, Design, or Drawing model.
  • 2D/3D — Icon signifying a 2D or 3D model.
  • Name — Name of model.
  • Description — Description for model.
  • Is Cell — If checked, the model can be placed as a cell
  • Cell Type — If a cell, the type of cell.
  • Is Annotation Cell — If checked, model is an annotation cell.
  • Design File — Location and name of DGN file.
  • Sheet Number — Displays the sheet number, as seen in the Explorer dialog Sheet Index tab. If you make changes to the sheet index properties, you may have to update the sheet model properties to reflect the changes in this list box option. To update the sheet model properties, in the Explorer dialog Sheet Index tab, right- click the sheet index and select Update Sheet Model Properties.
MODEL ACTIVE [ model_name ]
Models list box right-click menu When you right-click a model in the list box, you get the following options:
  • Open - Opens the selected model.
  • Remove from Sheet Index - (Available only for sheet models) Removes the link of the selected sheet model from sheet index.
  • Copy - Opens the Copy Model dialog, which lets you make a copy in the open DGN file of the model selected in the list box.
  • Add Link to Element - Starts the Add Link to Element tool. Selecting an element adds the model's link to the element.
  • Navigate to Sheet Index - Opens the Explorer dialog Sheet Index tab and highlights the sheet link of the selected sheet model.
  • Delete - Deletes the selected model.
  • Rename - Allows you to rename the model. If any saved views are attached to the model, renaming the model automatically updates the saved views links. This prevents the links from being invalidated. Also, when you rename the model, the Message Center displays the saved view name and file name for which the link has been updated.
  • Properties - Opens the Properties dialog to display the selected model's properties.