OpenUtilities Substation Help

Manage Sheet Index Dialog

Used to manage sheet index and its properties.
You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Explorer dialog: in the Sheet Index tab, click the Manage Sheet Index icon
Index tab Displays the properties of the sheet index. By default, following properties are displayed:
  • Show Leading Zero - If on, adds leading zeros to the sheet number.
  • Number of Digits - Sets the number of digits for the sheet number.
  • Total Sheets Count - (Available only in the Manage Sheet Index dialog) Displays the total number of sheets in the sheet index.
  • Inherit Naming Rule from Parent - (Applicable to folder properties only) If on, the naming rules are inherited from the sheet index.
  • Automatic Naming of Sheet - If on (the default), the sheets in the sheet index are automatically named as per the naming rules defined. To name individual sheets manually, turn off this setting.
  • Sheet Number Suffix - Sets the suffix that you want to be added to the sheet numbers.
  • Sheet Number Prefix - Sets the prefix that you want to be added to the sheet numbers.
  • Increment - Sets the value by which the sheet numbering will be incremented.
  • Start Number - Sets the number from which the sheet numbering will start.
Note: You can also change these properties from the Properties dialog. The changes in the Properties dialog are effected only if the Inherit Naming Rule from Parent setting is turned off.
Folder tab Displays the properties of the folders in a sheet index. The default properties are same as that of the Index tab and they are applied to the sheets within folders.
Sheet tab Displays the custom properties added to the sheets. Some examples of custom properties are Project number, Address, Owner, Project lead, and so on.
Add custom properties
Allows you to add a custom property. Opens the Add Property dialog in which you can enter the name and default value of the property.
Delete selected property
Deletes the selected property.