OpenUtilities Substation Help

View Size

Used to control the size of the view.

You can access this tool from the following:
  • Ribbon: Drawing > View > Window
  • Ribbon: Modeling > View > Window
  • Ribbon: Visualization > View > Window
  • Ribbon: Admin > View > Window

Aspect Sets the new size for the view from a number of standard sizes.
Proportional Resize If on, the X or Y values are constrained so that the view's aspect ratio does not change. That is, if you change the value for X, then Y changes automatically, and vice versa.
Maintain View Parameters Maintains the information being displayed in the view. That is, the same view volume displays in the resized view, as is in the source view.
X Sets the view's horizontal resolution (width) in pixels.
Y Sets the view's vertical resolution (height) in pixels.