OpenUtilities Substation Help

Record Sequence Dialog

Used to set the file format, compression, and color mode for a sequence and to record the sequence.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Solar Study dialog: select Save

Format Sets the file format in which a sequence is saved.
It is recommended that you choose a format that creates separate frame images, such as Targa or TIFF. When you select these formats, a separate file is created automatically for each frame in the sequence. You must insert a number at the end of the filename, and this number is incremented for each frame saved. For example, naming the file that contains the first frame of a Targa-format sequence "orbit01.tga" causes the subsequent frame files to be named "orbit02.tga," "orbit03.tga," "orbit04.tga," and so on. In the event of an interruption to the process, you can return later and pick up from the next frame number in the sequence.

If you choose FLI or FLC, the sequence is saved as a single 256-color animation file. If you choose Windows AVI, the sequence is saved as a single 24 Bit Color animation file. For these formats, however, the whole animation has to be retained in memory as it is processed. In the event of an interruption, you lose the entire sequence and have to start again. It is recommended, therefore, that you select another format. Later, if necessary, you can convert the sequence to FLI/FLC or AVI via the Movie Player.

Compression Sets the degree of compression, which is dependent on the Format chosen. For example, JPEG format files provide options from Minimum Loss to High Loss. Greater compression is achieved as image quality is sacrificed: Minimum Loss yields the highest image quality and least compression; High Loss yields the poorest image quality and the greatest compression.
Color Mode Sets the number of colors in the output file. With ".fli" files, only a single mode is supported (256 colors). Other formats support either 256-color or 24-bit (true color) images. In general, 24-bit color mode produces the highest quality images, but the files are much larger and take longer to produce and display than with 256 colors.
File Contains controls for specifying the name and location of the sequence file(s). Except where noted, these controls are analogous to those in Save As dialog.