OpenUtilities Substation Help

Image Window

This window displays the image selected from the Display Image dialog.

File > Open Opens the Display Image dialog, which is used to identify the raster image for display.
File > Save As Saves the modified image under a different name and/or image type.
File > Save Saves the modified image under the same name and type of raster image.
Edit > Cut Cuts the selected area (to the clipboard) and replaces it with background color.
Edit > Copy Copies the selected area (to the clipboard).
Edit > Paste Pastes the data from the clipboard.
Edit > Sizeā€¦ Opens the Size Image dialog, which is used to resize the image by specifying a new pixel count.

Edit > Crop Trims the area to a selected rectangle.
Edit > Rotate Rotates the image 90 (clockwise, or counter-clockwise) or 180 degrees.
Edit > Mirror Mirrors the image along the horizontal (X) or vertical (Y) axis.
Image > Equalize Performs a histogram equalization on the image color palette.
Image > Gamma Correction Opens the Gamma Correction dialog, which is used to lighten or darken the mid-range colors of the image.

Image > Tint Opens the Tint Image dialog, which is used to tint the image.

Image > Negate Converts an image into its negative or color complement.
Image > Blur Smooths jagged lines through pixel arranging to create a smooth transition between adjacent pixels.
Image > Color Mode Adjusts an images color depth either up or down.
  • RGB -

    Changes the color depth to 24 bits (256 red, 256 green, 256 blue).

  • 16 Colors -

    Changes the number of colors to 16 (4 bit color depth).

  • 256 Colors -

    Changes the number of colors to 256 (8 Bit Color).

  • Gray Scale -

    Processes all colors to the closest grayscale value (256 shades of gray).

  • Monochrome -

    Processes all colors and grayscale to 1 bit or black and white. Extreme dithering performed.