OpenUtilities Substation Help

Language Database Manager

This dialog lets the user view/add phrases which can be displayed in multiple languages.

Accessed from:

  • Manage Ribbon > Utilities Group

OpenUtilities Substation has the capability to automatically display selected text words and phrases in multiple languages. OpenUtilities Substation includes a database containing lists of commonly used technical words and phrases in various languages (currently, English, German, and Chinese phrases are provided with the software). The words and phrases in each list are numbered, and the corresponding term is given the same number in each language list. By selecting and placing a word or phrase from the language text list, the software can automatically display the word or phrase in up to three of the available languages. A user can edit and add to any of the word lists and create new word lists for additional languages. The text is entered on the drawing using the Design > Multiline Text function.

Note: To select which languages will appear in a drawing, use the Project Options Regional Settings dialog.
Phrases Use the Select Language field to select a language. The list of phrases in that language will appear on the left side of the dialog as shown:

Click on a phrase number on the left side of the dialog to display all existing translations on the right side of the dialog. Click inside the desired field on the right side of the dialog to edit the phrase in any of the languages.

Add (Phrase): Click this button to display a field (as shown below) allowing you to enter a name for the new phrase. This is usually a number that determines the phrase's position in the list.

After adding a phrase, enter the desired phrase text(s) in the Translation column.

Delete (Phrase): Click this button to delete a phrase selected in the Phrases section of the dialog.


The Languages section (See above) list all of the existing translations of the selected phrase. To edit an existing translation, click in the desired field and edit the phrase.

Add (Language): Select the Add button on the right side of the dialog under Languages. A field will appear beside the Add button where you can enter the name of the new language list.