OpenUtilities Substation Help


Lets you to create a hyperlink between a symbol in a drawing and a web page or a file such as a pdf or Microsoft Word document.

Accessed when:

  • you right click on a symbol and select Hyperlink > Create from the menu.
Note: You can assign a hyperlink to a part number record so that the hyperlink will be available on any symbol to which the part number is assigned.

Text to display Enter the text that will appear as a tooltip at the cursor when the user points at the symbol.
Type the file name or web page location

Enter the URL for a web page or the path to a file. This is the page or file that will be displayed when the hyperlink is opened. Click the Browse button next to the field to navigate to the directory if desired.

You can also launch a separate program from a hyperlink by providing the path to the program executable file in the field, such as shown below:

Existing Hyperlinks

When you point the cursor at a symbol that has a hyperlink, a hyperlink icon will appear along with the text that was entered in the Text to display field.

  • To follow a hyperlink - To go to the linked web page or file, right click on the symbol and select Hyperlink > Open from the pop-up menu. The page or file will open in your default application for that type of file.
  • To edit a hyperlink - Right click on the symbol and select Hyperlink > Edit from the pop-up menu. The Insert Hyperlink dialog will appear, allowing you to change the values for the hyperlink.
  • To delete a hyperlink - Right click on the symbol and select Hyperlink > Delete from the pop-up menu. The hyperlink will be removed.