OpenUtilities Substation Help

Search Project

The Search dialog enables you to locate projects on your system.

Accessed when:

Name Enter a name for the project you want to search for here. can make wildcard entries such as D* to search for all projects beginning with D. If you leave the field blank, the software will search for and list any projects it finds in the selected path.
Look In Select the path that you wish to search on your system. By default, the path to the current project is entered. You can click inside the field and make changes to the path.
Search Now Click to begin the search. As the software searches, it lists any projects that it finds in the lower part of the dialog.
Stop Search Stops the search process.
Switch to Project Manager Click on a project in the Search Results section and click this option to display the project in the Project Manager.
Search Results Display the projects found in the search.