OpenUtilities Substation Help

Element Sections

Each element section contains the definition for an individual resymbolization task or a group of related resymbolization tasks. These tasks can be applied to either a single element or a group of elements.

Element sections let you define resymbolization tasks separately from each other. You can specify virtually an unlimited number of resymbolization tasks of varying degrees of complexity. These resymbolization tasks can apply to any element that, while being similar to others, has at least one characteristic differentiating it from the others.

In the Modify Pen Table dialog, the Element Section Processing Order list box displays the processing order of the element sections that you have defined for the pen table. As you create element sections, they are added to the Element Section Processing Order list box. During processing, each element is checked against the first section, then the second section and so on, through to the last section or until a match occurs. Regardless of whether elements are affected by only one section or by all sections in the pen table, the order of processing is important. When necessary, you can rearrange the order of sections in the Element Section Processing Order list.

When creating sections, Element Selection Criteria parameters define the elements to be processed and the Element Output Actions parameters define how the selected elements are treated when printed.