OpenUtilities Substation Help

RSC (Resource Fonts)

This font format is OpenUtilities Substation -specific, and RSC fonts are stored in OpenUtilities Substation resource (.rsc) files. A single resource file may contain several RSC fonts. RSC fonts have a number and a name, but only one font by a given number can be used at a time during a OpenUtilities Substation session. If multiple RSC fonts share the same number, the last one to be loaded is the font assigned to that number in a given session. RSC fonts are locale-encoded, but support more than 255 characters (e.g. for some Asian languages). The code page of RSC fonts is specified in the font configuration file. If you use font characters for symbols, use RSC fonts rather than TrueType fonts.

OpenUtilities Substation searches for RSC fonts in the RSC files found in MS_SYSFONTDIR and MS_FONTPATH, as well as any RSC file specified in MS_SYMBRSC. OpenUtilities Substation does not search for RSC fonts in the directory of the requesting design file.

When exporting DGN files to DWG, OpenUtilities Substation exports the required RSC fonts to the SHX format, generating SHX Unifonts by default (this can be overridden on a font-by-font basis in the font configuration file. This conversion works fairly well, except that SHX fonts do not support fill, so filled sections of RSC glyphs are drawn as outlines in SHX fonts.

CAUTION: Use caution when converting text with Unicode-based fonts (e.g., TrueType or SHX Unifonts) to RSC fonts. If the characters in the string have no equivalent in the RSC font’s locale, the characters will be lost.