OpenUtilities Substation Help

Working with Custom Tasks and Workflows

You create tasks on the Tasks tab in the Customize dialog or by clicking and dragging a custom toolbox from the left pane to the Tasks tab. Once you add tasks to the open DGN file (represented by the blue V8 icon), they appear on the Tasks tab. You can name your tasks and organize them by moving them up or down or by moving them into another task within the open DGN file. The tasks in the open DGN file also can be copied, deleted, and renamed.

You must open a DGN library in order to add, modify, cut, rename, delete, or move up or down tasks in it. The DGN libraries' tasks and standard Application tasks can be copied into the open DGN file or referenced into the open DGN file. If they are copied into the open DGN file they can be modified and deleted.

Tasks from the open DGN file cannot be copied or moved into tasks in the DGN libraries or in the standard Application tasks (represented by the gray V8 icons). You cannot change the standard Application tasks.