OpenUtilities Substation Help

Define from Cell

Selecting the Define from cell item from the Fence tab on the Print Styles dialog opens the Define from cell dialog. This dialog allows you to define the attributes of cells whose actual coordinates define the print area.

Define from cell dialog

In the Search section, turn off the master model or Reference files to limit the search for the boundary-defining cell. By default, Print Organizer searches each master model and all of its references to find the boundary-defining cell. You restrict the search to specific references by typing their logical names (for example: "border") or filenames (without drives or folders, for example, "border.dgn") into the References list box. The reference filenames may be regular expressions.

In the Cell properties section, you must specify one or more cell names in the Cell Name list box. As with references, cell names can be regular expressions.

The "Create one print definition from first matching cell" specifies that the first matching cell be used to define the print area, and the "Create one print definition for each matching cell" specifies that one print be created from each cell. The configuration variable MS_PLT_AUTOAREA_RESULT_LIMIT defines the maximum number of print definitions to be created when searching for multiple shapes or cells. The default limit is 500.