OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Link a Database Row to a Graphic Element

  1. In the Visual SQL Query Builder dialog , click Tables.

    The Select Table dialog opens.

  2. Double-click the database table that contains the row to which you want to link.
  3. In the Select Table dialog, click Cancel to dismiss the dialog.
  4. Click the * button to select all columns.
  5. Click Execute.

    A form dialog opens. This dialog will have fields for each column in the selected table. The table name is in the dialog's title bar. The title bar identifies the selected table. Here is an example:

  6. Click Clear.
  7. In a field, key in a known value for one of the columns.
  8. Click Query.

    The fields populate with the remaining column values of the row that contains the value you keyed in.

  9. Click Attach.
  10. Identify the graphic element to link.
  11. Accept.

    The message "Linkage attached" is displayed in the status bar.

    Tip: To confirm a newly created linkage:
    1. In the Visual SQL Query Builder dialog, click Clear.
    2. Click Review.
    3. Identify the graphic element to which you linked the database row.
    4. Accept.

      The form dialog fields are populated with the column values of the linked row.

    Note: If after executing a query (step 4 above), the form dialog opens but does not contain Attach, Delete, Locate, or Review buttons, perform these steps:
    1. Close the form dialog.
    2. In the Visual SQL Query Builder dialog, choose Settings > Forms.
    3. Turn on the check boxes in the Standard Form Items dialog.
    4. Re-execute the query.