OpenUtilities Substation Help

Issue Resolution Service

Issue Resolution Service is a cloud based service that intends to identify and resolve issues during a project's life cycle. The primary focus of this service is to allow coordination between work in the field and in office. In OpenUtilities Substation , for any ProjectWise Project (previously called CONNECTED project), you can view and manage issues registered in MicroStation CONNECT Edition or Bentley Navigator (Desktop or mobile), as punch list items. You can also create new punch list items in MicroStation. The Manage Issues dialog is provided for this service. To be able to view these punch list items in OpenUtilities Substation you will have to assign a ProjectWise Project to your WorkSet. You can perform the following actions:
  • Zoom into the location of the issue in the file.
  • View details, attachments and comments associated with the punch list items.
  • Add new comments to punch list items.
  • Add attachments to punch list items.

Re-Publish iModel in the Issue Resolution group opens the Publish i-model(s) dialog which can be used to convert a design file into an i-model.

Punch List Item

A Punch List Item is an issue associated with an item documented using MicroStation CONNECT Edition or Bentley Navigator CONNECT Edition. It is displayed in the Manage Issues dialog in OpenUtilities Substation (Refer to Bentley Navigator Help for more information on Punch Lists).

Example of a punch list item type in a workflow is as follows:

"Field weld on pipe is bad and needs to be repaired."


Attachments can be screenshots of views or photographs from mobile or desktop applications. Attachments can be viewed under the Attachments tab in the Issue dialog.

Following is a diagram representing the workflow for the Issue Resolution Service:

Issue Resolution workflow