OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Map Project Attributes

  1. Open the Project Manager.
  2. Select Tools > Options to display the Options dialog.
  3. Select the ProjectWise Attribute Mapping option within the Project Options.
    Note: By default, when a project is created, these fields are set to OpenUtilities Substation and OpenUtilities Substation respectively. For new projects, you are able to set different values for the Project Type and Environment fields. For existing projects, these fields cannot be edited.
  4. Click in the ProjectWise Attribute field.
  5. Select an attribute name from the drop down list to associate it with the corresponding OpenUtilities Substation attribute.
    Note: Only one project description may be mapped to any ProjectWise attribute.
  6. Repeat the mapping process for each desired attribute type (Drawingset, Installation, Location, Page, Page Revision, Project Revision) to complete the mapping process.
  7. Once the mapping is complete, click Apply to save the changes, or OK to apply the changes and close the dialog.
When you click Apply or OK, any attribute changes are automatically synced with the ProjectWise database.
Note: Refer to the ProjectWise help file for information on adding additional project attributes to ProjectWise and mapping them to project descriptions.