OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Change the General Active Element Attribute Settings to Match the Attributes of an Existing Element

  1. Select the Element Selection tool ( Drawing > Home > Selection ).
  2. Position the pointer over the element.
  3. When the element highlights, drag it on the Symbology Preview box in the Attributes toolbox.
    Note: Like any settings changes, you cannot Undo these drag-and-drop operations.
    Note: The Element Selection tool is commonly used to select the elements that will be acted upon by an element manipulation or modification tool. When you finish dragging an element to the Attributes toolbox, the element will be in this selected state and displayed with handles to indicate its selection.
    Note: It is possible to select multiple elements with the Element Selection tool. However, dragging multiple selected elements to the Attributes toolbox will change the setting in question only if all of the selected elements share the same attribute — for example, they all have the same line weight.