OpenUtilities Substation Help

Using a PGP File

The configuration variable MS_DWG_PGPFILE can be set to point to a PGP file that contains shortcuts, or aliases, for AutoCAD commands. If no directory is found, the support directory of an AutoCAD installation (if one exists on the computer) is used. The default is set to acad.pgp, as this is the default file used by AutoCAD.

The format of the PGP file is simple: each line is either a comment (beginning with ; ) or an alias, followed by the command that it initiates. AutoCAD commands begin with *. Therefore , X, *EXTEND defines the alias X for the AutoCAD EXTEND command. In addition to the AutoCAD commands, OpenUtilities Substation also interprets strings within quotes as standard OpenUtilities Substation key-ins. For example, PX, “POPSET ON” defines the alias PX for the OpenUtilities Substation key-in POPSET ON.

The AutoCAD PGP file is automatically loaded when the RealDWG subsystem is used. Since RealDWG is used only when a DWG file is opened, if you have not opened a DWG file during a session, the PGP file is not loaded. If you always want AutoCAD commands from the PGP file to be available, you can add dwgsettings to your startup applications in one of your configuration files:


This causes OpenUtilities Substation to load dwgsettings when you open your first design file and read the PGP file. With that, the AutoCAD commands from the PGP file will always be available. Note that loading dwgsettings activates the RealDWG subsystem, which will slow down OpenUtilities Substation startup.