OpenUtilities Substation Help

Bentley CONNECT Advisor

The Bentley CONNECT Advisor is a unified interface that enables you to view a variety of Bentley content at one location, thereby eliminating the need to browse through various sources separately. As an end user, you get the ability to browse, search, view, and interact without having to leave the product (OpenUtilities Substation ) that you are working on.

The Bentley CONNECT Advisor scans through different sources such as Bentley Communities, Bentley LEARNserver, and Bentley YouTube channels to display relevant information with links to the web pages. For example, if you want to search for information on the Place SmartLine tool, you can enter the tool name in Bentley CONNECT Advisor dialog's Search field. You will get a list of relevant results from different locations such as forum posts, blogs and wiki posts on Bentley Communities, Bentley LEARNserver courses that discuss about the tool, and so on. You can also look out for other information such as news and announcements, upcoming events, and QuickStarts.

The Bentley CONNECT Advisor performs the following functions:

  • Gathers information from the following sources:
    • Forum posts, wikis and blogs from Bentley Communities
    • Videos, Hands-on and Assessments from Bentley LEARNserver
    • Videos from Bentley YouTube channels
    • Bentley News and Announcements
    • Upcoming Bentley Events
    • Product Help
  • Provides a unified interface that displays the above items gathered from their respective sites and locations
  • Searches information within all the available sources (Bentley Communities, Bentley LEARNserver, Bentley YouTube channels, Bentley News and Announcements, Bentley Events, and Product Help)
  • Filters information based on:
    • Product
    • Generation
    • Release Label
    • Language
    • Content type
    • Tags, region, and so on
Note: To be able to access the Bentley CONNECT Advisor, you need to sign into the Bentley Cloud Services using the CONNECTION Client.