OpenUtilities Substation Help

Moving, Warping, and Resizing Image Files

Raster images that have been attached to a design may be moved, rotated, and/or resized. You can do this with the Transform tool. Another option is to use the Warp tool, which is useful for matching a raster image to design file elements.

Georeferencing and positioning information is kept in the raster file header for georeferenced file formats. For non-georeferenced image formats, it is either written to a location info sister file or simply kept in the image's design file attachment. Warping, mirroring, and resizing parameters are also kept in the design file's raster attachment. If the image is detached, these settings are deleted. In order to apply warping, mirroring, and resizing settings, a new image must be saved by selecting File > Save As in the Raster Manager dialog with Options > Resampled set to Yes.