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Understanding Element Symbology in Cells

In cells, element symbology includes settings for color, line style, and line weight. In MicroStation , cell element symbology can be assigned ByLevel, ByCell, and forced. These three settings are analogous to the AutoCAD ByLayer, ByBlock, and forced settings.

  • If any of the elements within the cell are assigned symbology ByLevel and are created on the Default level, then they adopt the ByLevel color, ByLevel line style, and ByLevel line weight of the level on which the cell is placed.

    If they are assigned ByLevel attributes but are on a level other than Default, they retain the symbology of the level on which they were originally placed.

  • If the elements are assigned symbology ByCell, they adopt the symbology values that were in effect at the time that the cell is inserted. This setting is only available by default in DWG workmode.
  • If the element attributes are forced, they always display the same way, regardless of level or active symbology. In other words, if an element within a cell is assigned the color red, then it will always display with the color red.