OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Create a Surface by Extrusion Along a Path

  1. Select the Surface by Extrusion Along tool ( Modeling > Surfaces > Create Surfaces > Extrude/Sweep > Extrude Along ).

  2. Set the required settings.
  3. Select the path element.
  4. Select the profile element.
  5. Enter a data point to complete the extrusion.

    In this example Alignment was set to Parallel and accepted.

    The Scale option was checked with a value of 0.5 to make the ending profile half the size of the beginning profile. With the Scale option selected, one additional data point is required to choose the location about which the profile will be scaled. In this case the intersection of the path and the profile was selected.

    The Spin option was selected and a value of 90 degrees was used. Any value is allowed with this option. The sign of the angle will determine the direction of the spin.

    Note: Portion of the path element can be defined by defining values for Start Distance and End Distance in the tool setting window.