OpenUtilities Substation Help

ProjectWise ContextShare Browser

ProjectWise ContextShare is a cloud service for storing, managing, and sharing Reality data. It supports the following Reality data types:
Reality data type Description
ContextCapture inputs Input photos and intermediate files of ContextCapture cloud processing.
.3mx files Result of a 3MX production. Can be downloaded.
.3sm files Result of a Scalable Mesh production. Can be downloaded.
Reality mesh 3DTiles Result of a Scalable Mesh production. Can be streamed to Navigator Web and other CONNECT generation design products.
Point cloud Result of a Point Cloud production. Can be downloaded.
Orthophoto Result of an Orthophoto production. Can be downloaded.
Orthophoto and DSM Result of an Orthophoto and DSM production. Can be downloaded.

In OpenUtilities Substation , you can stream the reality data that is of type Reality Mesh 3DTiles. The Reality Mesh 3DTiles attachments are displayed in the ProjectWise ContextShare dialog.

To Stream a Reality Mesh 3D Tiles File

Note: Make sure the active WorkSet is assigned to the Bentley CONNECT ProjectWise Project to which the reality data is associated.
Note: To stream the reality data, the ProjectWise ContextShare "Use" permission must be assigned to the user signed in to the Bentley CONNECT ProjectWise Project.
  1. Open the Attach Reality Mesh dialog (Drawing > Attach > Reality Mesh > Attach).

  2. Click the ProjectWise ContextShare Browser icon.

    The ProjectWise ContextShare dialog opens and the Reality Mesh 3DTiles files associated to the project are loaded.

  3. Select the desired Reality Mesh 3DTiles file and click OK.

    The URL to access the selected file is displayed in the URL or Filename field of the Attach Reality Mesh dialog.

  4. In the Attach Reality Mesh dialog, click OK.