OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Attach Bing Maps

Note: If you are a signed in to CONNECTION Client, you can skip to step 4, a Bing Maps key is not necessary in that case.
  1. Go to Create a Bing Maps key and obtain a Bing Maps Key.
  2. Create a new configuration variable named MS_RASTER_BINGMAP_KEY and put your Bing Maps Key in the New Value field.
  3. Save the new variable, then close OpenUtilities Substation and open a new session.
  4. Open the Raster Manager dialog and then select File > Attach > Bing Maps.

    The Raster Attachments Options dialog opens.

  5. Select the desired Bing Maps Layers type and then click Attach.

    A new raster, named "Bing Maps", is attached in Raster Manager.

    Tip: Once Bing Maps is attached, you can also change the layer from the Bing Maps Layers pane in the Properties dialog.
    You may get a EPSG:900913 coordinate system warning: Reprojection operation performed on coordinates outside of useful range of coordinate system

    This is normal as Bing Maps provides whole earth coverage and most coordinate systems are valid for only a small part of the earth.