OpenUtilities Substation Help


Working in conjunction with named groups, quicksets let you quickly save selected elements as named groups for later recall.

Groups of elements created as Quicksets, have the setting for Member Type set to passive. That is, they do not propagate changes to other members in the quickset. For example, if you turn on Group Lock on and then move a member of a quickset, it will have no effect on other members of the quickset group. To work with all members of a quickset, you first must recall the quickset.

You can create and recall up to ten named groups via the Quickset Save menu item and Quickset Recall menu item in the view control pop-up menu, which is activated by pressing the Reset button while holding down <Shift>. Alternatively, you can create or recall up to ten quicksets using the keyboard shortcut <Ctrl-Shift-n> or <Ctrl+n>, where n is a value 0 – 9 inclusive.

By default, quicksets are given the names Quickset0 through to Quickset9, and appear as such in the Named Groups dialog. Where necessary, you can use the Named Groups dialog to rename them.

Note: When creating or recalling a quickset with key-ins, the numbers in the alpha-numeric section of the keyboard must be used, not those from the numeric keypad.