OpenUtilities Substation Help

Publishing a Package

A packaged i-model is a V8-format DGN file that references published files that are physically embedded within the packaged file itself. Packaged file names end with an I.DGN extension. The packaged files also contain files linked by callouts or files linked in Explorer.

Packaged files are protected and the recipient may need to enter a password or possess a digital certificate to open the file. However, a special type of "everyone" protection allows anyone to open the file, while being limited in using the file, based on the rights assigned by the creator of the packaged file.

If you modify the file after opening it and if the Automatically Save Design Changes check box in the Preferences Dialog, Operation Category is off, you are prompted to save the changes before publishing. You can save and publish or cancel the publishing operation.

If the output file already exists, you have the option of overwriting the existing file.