OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Place Multiple Symbols

When the Multiple Placement check box in the Device Properties dialog is enabled, you can automatically place symbols on parallel wires.
  1. Select a symbol (such as TB) using one of the Insert Symbol functions (Symbol by Name, Symbol By Part Number or Symbol By Device ID).
  2. Place the symbol on the first wire of the range of wires to be included.
  3. When the Device Properties dialog appears, enter the desired device ID in the Device Tag field.
  4. Select the Multiple Placement check box.
  5. Select the OK button to continue. The symbol will appear on the wire.
  6. Select a position on the last wire in the range of wires by pointing the cursor and left-clicking the mouse. If terminal symbols are being placed, consecutively numbered terminals will appear on all wires between the first and last selected wires. Device IDs are assigned automatically based on the defined format.
    Note: If you wish all of the symbols that you are placing to have the same device ID, select the Duplicate Device ID check box at the same time that you select the Multiple Placement check box.