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File-type Dependant Raster Features Disabled in DWG Workmode

When you operate in DWG workmode, the following file-type dependant functionality is affected.

Transparency Settings

When dealing with transparency settings in Raster Manager, some features are specific to the image type (binary, continuous tone and 24-bit palette) and their behavior in DWG mode has been modified differently depending on the image type.

  • Binary images — When a binary image is attached in DWG workmode, the background transparency settings are disabled and the background transparency factor is set to 100%. The foreground transparency settings are also disabled and foreground transparency is set to 0.
  • Continuous tone and 24-bit images — The transparent settings for 24-bit, 8-bit and 4-bit images are also modified when working in DWG workmode. The transparent color picker is always disabled and the transparent factor/scale is disabled and set to 0. When loading a DWG file, if the image's transparency display is ON, then the Transparent icon in Raster Manager will also be ON. If the "fade" setting has been applied to the image from the DWG file, then this setting will be interpreted as transparency applied to all colors. The "all color transparent settings" will then never be disabled. In order to see the effect of transparency on all colors, the Transparent icon must be ON. When an image has a "fade" setting greater than 0, but has its transparency OFF, then the image automatically displays with transparency in order to see the effect of the fading.

Background Color

  • Binary Images — All tools that relate to background color modifications in Raster Manager have been disabled.
  • Continuous tone and 24-bit images — This feature does not affect 24-bit, 8-bit and 4-bit images, since there is no concept of background and foreground for these types of images.