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Why Use a Relational Database?

There are many reasons to use external relational databases to link textual information to graphics. Relational databases are by far the most popular database models on the market today. They are designed to hold large amounts of data. They typically use Structured Query Language (SQL) for accessing and modifying data. Products like Oracle along with the standard SQL model, have revolutionized how information is managed.

Microsoft's Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface and OLE DB allows applications, through database drivers, access to data in a variety of database management systems (DBMS). This enables users to evaluate their own database environment and add ODBC database drivers without the need for changes to the ODBC-enabled application.

New versions of databases are released throughout the year and are certified for use with OpenUtilities Substation after their release. Information is available on Bentley's website, in the TechNotes and FAQs section. Check this website for the latest list of databases.