OpenUtilities Substation Help

Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) Links

Using DDE links, you can paste text into a DGN file. A linked item is automatically updated in the DGN file when the originating file is changed in the source (or server) application.

  • If text is pasted with a DDE link and both the source application, such as a spreadsheet program, and OpenUtilities Substation is running, changing the object in the source application causes the linked object in OpenUtilities Substation to change automatically.
Note: OpenUtilities Substation identifies linked objects by filename. If an object is not a saved file when it is pasted in a model, OpenUtilities Substation may not be able to locate it later. For example, if you create text in an "untitled" document and paste the text before you save the file, OpenUtilities Substation does not know where to find the linked text.

If you paste an object with a DDE link and if OpenUtilities Substation displays an alert box with the message "OpenUtilities Substation requested server is not responding," you should confirm the following:

  • All source applications are located in the proper directories.
  • The directories for the server applications are included in the operating system's PATH environment variable.