OpenUtilities Substation Help


The Format mode of the Project Publisher enables the user to configure the format of outputted files.

Publish Format Lets you save and load your publish settings in a configuration file. Existing configuration files can be selected from the drop-down list in this field.
Browse Use the Browse button to select configuration files that are outside the currently selected configuration folder.
New Creates a new format file. The Save As dialog will appear, allowing you to enter the name of the new configuration file. Select the Save button in the Save As dialog to create the new file.
Save As To save any new settings you make in the currently selected configuration file, select the Save As button.

General Tab

In the General tab shown above the following options are available.

Index Page Descriptions These three fields allow the user to select from a list of title block variables. The values of the selected variables will be displayed in output types that support an index page (PDF, DWF).
Note: You must have Index included in the Build Order tab before the Index page will be created.
Part document from Allows you to select the field in the parts database record from which the software will get the URL to create a Part document hyperlink.

These check boxes determine the types of hyperlinks that the software will create in the output.

  • Connections: Creates a hyperlink between wire link references that will open the appropriate page and (when possible) zoom to the General settings zoom factor with the object centered.
  • Families: Creates hyperlinks for all the device family cross references in the drawing including references between modes.
  • Data record: Exports each part record used in the project to a file and for each occurrence of a part number in the drawings adds a hyperlink to the appropriate record in the parts file.
  • Part document: Creates a link on the symbol to take the user to the URL specified in the parts database (the Part document from field defines which field in the database record is used).
Display options

Select the Automatic Sticky Notes check box to embed PDF sticky note icons near each device tag_ID for schematic, panel, one-line, and wiring diagram modes.

Select the Configure button to display the Configure Format dialog, which enables you to format the data to be output to PDF sticky notes for each node category.

Data record include If you selected the Data record check box, use this list of parts database fields to select those fields that will be included in the data record file.

Level Display Tab

The Level Display tab allows you to rename levels in the output or have them turned on, off, or deleted. The settings are saved to a layer format file. The layer tab allows the user to have layer names remapped when outputting to separate files or a DWF or PDF. For each layer there are On and Off check boxes which you can select to determine the state of the layer in the output. If neither On nor Off is selected, the pages are output with whatever status the layer has when the drawing is read in.

Read OpenUtilities Substation levels from Allows you to select a drawing file. The default is the OpenUtilities Substation default drawing name. The selected file is read by the software and used to populate the OpenUtilities Substation layer column. Use the Browse button to select a drawing. When you select a new drawing, the column is repopulated, removing the previous entries.
OpenUtilities Substation Layer Displays the layer names that exist in the drawing selected in the Read OpenUtilities Substation layers from field. You may manually type in or edit layer names.
Layer format file Lets you save the layer settings in a specified file.
Save Layer Settings Saves the information in the selected file.

Mode Tab

This tab allows you to specify different title block setup and layer mapping based on each page's drawing mode.

Mode Identifies the OpenUtilities Substation drawing mode to which the setting will apply.
Export Title Block Provides the option to manually select a title block that will be inserted whenever the page is output. In this case the current OpenUtilities Substation title block is removed. If this field is left blank, the OpenUtilities Substation title block is exported. When you click inside the field, a drop-down list appears, allowing you to select the desired title block.
Printer Allows you to select any system printer that will be used to output the selected drawing mode. When you click inside the field, a drop-down list appears, allowing you to select from the available system printers.
Layer Format Lets you select one of the layer formatting files created with the Layers tab.

Build Order Tab

The Build Order tab allows you to pre-configure a document set based on document or drawing type. The user can select the document type and position it in the order that it should appear in the drawing set. Select the document type(s) from the area on the left side of the dialog and use the right arrow button to move them to the right side to determine which types will be published.

Once the selected document types are listed on the right side of the dialog, you can set the order of publication by moving the selected type up or down the list with the up and down arrow buttons. You can remove a file from the list by using the left arrow button.

Important: When you add a drawing mode (Schematic, Panel Layout, etc.) to the build order, all the pages of that type in the project will be automatically added to the Items to Publish list in the File Manager dialog.
All Drawings Outputs all of the drawings in the project.
mode:___ All of the defined drawing modes appear separately so you can change the order or restrict what modes should be printed.
DOC files All files with a DOC extension in the publish folder of the project folder or included in the Items to Publish list.
XLS files All files with a XLS extension in the publish folder of the project folder or included in the Items to Publish list.
PDF files All files with a PDF extension in the publish folder of the project folder or included in the Items to Publish list.
Product PDF's All PDFs listed for each different part number used in the project.
Project links All of the files (PDF, DOC or XLS) listed in the links.txt file in the project publish folder.
Standard links All of the files (PDF, DOC or XLS) listed in the links.txt file in the Project Publisher application folder.
Reports The standard reports chosen for output in the configuration file selected in the Select Report Configuration field. Reports will be incorporated into the PDF output file. In web output, they will be placed as separate PDFs in a Reports subfolder and will be included as links in the Index.
Index This is a listing all of the drawings in the final published set with hyperlinks. You must include Index in the build order if you wish to have an index in the output. In PDF output the index will appear as a separate Table of Contents page. In web output, the software will create a frameset page with the index on the left and the selected drawing or report displayed on the right.
Edit standard links Opens an editor that allows you to browse for files and set them in a user-specified order. The information is stored in the publisher application folder so that the document can be added to all projects.
Select Report Configuration Use the Select Report Configuration field to select a configuration file that defines a group of reports to include with the document set. This configuration file is created in the Run Reports dialog.
List files Indents and lists the files under each section. Selecting the Insert Page report check box will include the list of drawing pages in the project.

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