OpenUtilities Substation Help

Using OBJ Files

OBJ is an open geometry definition file format (.OBJ) that is available in various software applications. OpenUtilities Substation allows you to do the following with OBJ files:

  • Import them in a dgn file
  • Attach them as references
  • Place them as cells
  • Open them in read-only mode
  • Open and save them as DGN files

There are several options available when you open an OBJ file.

When working with OBJ files:

  • OBJ files use the master units of the file defined by the MS_TRANSEED configuration variable.
  • No new levels are created.
  • No new color are created because OBJ files do not specify color.
  • If you choose to import materials, they are stored in the DGN file.
  • Texture files remain in their original location. They are referred to by an absolute or relative path.

You can export DGN files as OBJ files. There are several settings available when you export to OBJ.