OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Make a Tool Visible Only in Certain Situations

  1. In the Customize dialog ( File > Settings > Configuration > Customize ) , click the Tools tab.
  2. Expand the User Tools section and expand the open DGN file.

  3. Expand the toolbox containing the tool that you want to show or hide.

  4. Do one of the following:

    Right-click the tool and select Add from the pop-up menu.


    Right-click below the tool's existing properties and select Add from the pop-up menu.

    A cascading submenu of property categories and properties appears.

  5. Select General > Show/Hide Test.

    The selected property appears in the Properties pane under the General tab.

  6. Click the arrow to the right of "None" and select the situation in which you want this tool to be visible. For example, if you select "Is 3D Design Model", the tool will appear in the toolbox only when a 3D design model is open.