OpenUtilities Substation Help

Pen Tables

Pen tables are ASCII text files that contain instructions for resymbolizing the printed output of design files. The instructions are contained in sections within the pen table. Pen tables are created or modified automatically when you use the Pen Table dialogs.

For each pen table section, there are element selection criteria and a set of element output actions. During creation of printed output, the pen table tests for the presence of specific types of elements and related element characteristics. If such elements are detected, the pen table will modify, enhance, or eliminate these elements or their characteristics depending on the intended output. The testing criteria include:

  • Element type
  • Files
  • Weight
  • Color
  • Fill Color
  • Level
  • Style
  • Class
  • MSLink number (in external database)
  • Entity number (in external database)

Evaluation of elements is based on the criteria that you specify. Any combination of these parameters can be evaluated. Many elements, such as level, can have multiple values and ranges of values.