OpenUtilities Substation Help

General Data Exchange Information

This table contains information that is relevant to any data exchange with another application or format.

Note: The Application column below indicates the MDL applications, supplied in the mdlsys\asneeded or mdlsys\filehandler directory, that perform import (in) and export (out).
Format For more information, see Application
IGES IGES File Exchange ""


Parasolid XMT Parasolid XMT File Exchange ""
ACIS SAT ACIS SAT File Exchange ""
CGM CGM File Exchange ""


STEP AP203 STEP AP203/AP214 File Exchange ""


VRML Exporting VRML World Files
STL STL File Exchange ""
DWG & DXF . .
TerrainModel LandXML . .
Image Select Image File dialog .
Text Importing Text .
Luxology File > Export > Visualization Types > Luxology (*.lxo)
OBJ Using OBJ Files
FBX Using FBX Files
SketchUp Using SketchUp Files
Google Earth Export Google Earth (KML) File
Collada Exporting to Collada (.dae) format .
U3D Exporting U3D Files
JT Using JT Files .