OpenUtilities Substation Help

Basic Terminology

The following terms apply to file exchange in general:

  • Entity — The fundamental unit of data in an IGES, Parasolid, ACIS SAT, CGM, STL, STEP AP203/AP214, DWG, DXF, Image, Text, VRML, SVG, OBJ, SketchUp, Google Earth, Collada, U3D, FBX, or JT file. In general, entities are the equivalent of DGN file elements.
  • Receiving application — The application into which a file exported from OpenUtilities Substation is imported.
  • Sending application — The application that created a file that is imported into OpenUtilities Substation .
  • Product-definition data — The graphical information that describes a model in 2D or 3D, in real-world units, and with precision sufficient to create or build the actual product or model, such as a mechanical part, architectural model, site plan, or map. DGN files can store product-definition data.
  • Picture data — The graphical information that draws a picture. Although real-world units and 3D are not required and the precision may be high, the information is usable only as an illustration. The CGM format stores picture data.