OpenUtilities Substation Help

Statements and Keywords

Design scripts contain two types of statements and keywords: assignment and comparison. The type of statement depends on the type of keyword it contains. For example, a statement that contains a comparison keyword is a comparison statement.

Comparison statements test a single element attribute against a specified condition. If the attribute meets that condition, then assignment statements modify elements by changing the element's attributes.

The design script language includes a set of predefined keywords. These keywords are grouped into assignment keywords and comparison keywords because they are either used to assign new attributes to an element or to compare an element's existing attributes to values specified in the design script.

The data type of a keyword depends on how it is used within a statement in the design script. If a keyword is assigned a new value, its data type might be a string or an integer. When used in an expression, however, its data type might be limited to an integer.

If you change an element's attribute early in the design script, then that attribute is evaluated later in the table by its new value instead of its original value. In other words, if you change an element's style at the beginning of the design script with an assignment keyword, then the element's style is later evaluated with a comparison keyword with the new style. The color of an element can be set using an integer, string, or RGB value but can only be compared to the integer value.