OpenUtilities Substation Help

Komax Wire Cutting Machines

The Panduit Wire Terminations assignment can be used for exporting to Komax wire cutting machines. A default Komax formatting file is included in the plugins folder. This formatting file will export wire to the Komax machine. Additional custom programming can be done by Komax. The developers at Komax can read in a CSV export from the Panduit Wire Terminations program and provide additional processing. This can be done to achieve further optimization to minimize machine setup and change over time. See your Komax representative for further details.

It may also be useful to have a separate formatting file for listing out wires that will have to be created manually because they are too short or require gauges outside of the machines range. The second file should set filters to exclude the wires not exported to the Komax machine. It can be sent out as a text file or as a CSV file, readable by MS-Excel.
Note: The Komax import requires metric dimensions. Use the conversion factor in the WDEsetting.CFG file to convert from your standard units.