OpenUtilities Substation Help

Product Functionality in DWG Workmode

The following table identifies how OpenUtilities Substation functionality works in DWG workmode.

Functionality Status in DWG Workmode
3D modeling 3D elements are placed only as ACIS bodies, and the Parasolid modeling engine is disabled. Because most of the 3D modeling tools work equally well with either kernel, this setting is transparent.
Annotating with flags The Annotate toolbox tools for placing and editing flags are disabled.
Cells Cells have the following limitations:
  • Only shared cells are allowed. When you use library cells, they are placed as shared cells only.
  • New cells must be created in cell libraries that are .DGN or .CEL files. You cannot create new cells in a .DWG file that is attached as a cell library.
Colors AutoCAD uses a standard color table for all files, rather than allowing custom color tables as in OpenUtilities Substation . The colors used for displaying the DWG files in OpenUtilities Substation match AutoCAD's display colors exactly. OpenUtilities Substation and AutoCAD both use a slightly different set of colors for printing DWG files.
Complex elements Spline curves are not used as part of a complex chain or complex shape.
Design History Design history is disabled.
Dimensioning Many OpenUtilities Substation settings and styles are not supported.
Element class The active class is set to primary, and cannot be changed.
Grid orientation The grid is aligned with a Top view so that it extends along the X and Y axes from the global origin.
Importing raster images The Intergraph raster images, Sun raster, procedural application files, Georeferenced TIFF files, and Img files cannot be imported.
Line styles Line styles  1-7 are disabled, and only custom line styles are allowed.
Markers By default, markers are turned off in a DWG file. To turn on the markers, click the Markers icon in the View Attributes dialog, Presentation section.
Models DWG files allow only one design or drawing model and multiple sheet models.
Named Boundaries The Named Boundaries feature is disabled.
Raster data handling Some Raster Manager capabilities are not supported.
References The active model cannot be self-referenced. A reference cannot be clipped by mask.
Saved Views The following are disabled:
  • creating a saved view for sheet models
  • applying a saved view to sheet models
  • deleting a saved view from sheet models
  • editing properties of a saved view for sheet models
Symbology Element symbology overrides are disabled. All elements are displayed with ByLevel symbology (they use the attributes of the level).
Tags Tags are attached only to shared cells.
Text fonts *.SHX and TrueType fonts are supported.
View Groups View groups cannot be created, deleted, or modified.
View window background color The Black Background -> White setting in the View Options category of the Preferences dialog ( File > Settings > User > Preferences ) is disabled. To change the display for models and layouts of DWG files, select the color in the DWG Open Options dialog.
Wireframe display style There is a special display style called "DWG Wireframe" for displaying wireframe in DWG file. It is created when a DWG file is opened. However, you can override this display style by creating a new display style for wireframe display in DWG files and save it in the DGNLib with the same name. Note that this special wireframe display style will be used in all DWG models, including the default design model and all the sheet models.