OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Define Default Grid Settings

  1. Open the Options dialog from any of the following sources:
  2. Select Standards (within the Project Options), then select the Grid/Snap Settings tab.
    Note: The Snap Spacing columns are not available in the MicroStation version of OpenUtilities Substation .
  3. Define the settings for the X and Y grid line spacing and snap mode intervals in the fields provided.
    Note: A different set of X/Y grid spacing and snap mode intervals can be defined for each drawing mode.
  4. If the user selects the Enable Grid/Snap Lock check box for a drawing mode, the snap-to-grid feature will be turned on automatically when items are placed or moved in a drawing.
  5. The Seed File column specifies the name of a seed file for each drawing mode. To change the seed file, click inside the Seed File field and make a selection from the drop-down list of seed files that appears. Changes to the seed file settings will only affect pages that are created after the change is made.
  6. Select Apply or OK to load the new values.
    Note: There is also a Grid Snap toolbar that the user can use to make grid settings as you work on drawings.