OpenUtilities Substation Help

Numbering Sheets and Drawings

Drawing identifiers and sheet numbers are properties that enable you to navigate between sheets.

The placeholder fields in callouts link to the drawing boundary. Using this link, the callout´s placeholder fields evaluate and display the corresponding property values of the drawing boundary.

Note: If you replace the placeholder field with text, the link with the drawing identifier is lost and you cannot update the placeholder field. Hence it is not recommended to replace the placeholder fields with text.

Sheet Index

While setting up a sheet index, you can set numbering properties for the sheets and folders such as number of digits, sheet number prefix and suffix, start number, increment, and so on. The properties of the sheet index can be modified from the Manage Sheet Index dialog or the Properties dialog.

Drawing Boundary Identifiers

When you compose a sheet, a unique drawing boundary identifier is automatically created for each drawing boundary as you place it on the sheet. The identifier is displayed in two places:

  • as a field in a drawing boundary
  • as a field in a section, detail or elevation callout that points to the corresponding drawing boundary

You can therefore easily navigate between drawing boundaries on different sheets by specifying sheet names and callouts.