OpenUtilities Substation Help

To Change the Selection Criteria

Do one of the following:

In the Key-in window, key in: ACTIVE REVIEW <SQL_SELECT_statement>



For example, to review all columns in a table, key in: RA=SELECT * FROM <table_name>

This is the default for any sqlreview column with a NULL value.

To review specific columns, key in: RA=SELECT <column1>,<column2>,… FROM <table_name>

Note: Selection criteria can also be modified by directly submitting a SQL UPDATE statement (through the SQL Window) or using the MSCATALOG dialog . Submitting a SQL UPDATE statement for this purpose can be confusing because the statement must have a SQL SELECT statement embedded as a string.
Note: Verify that the SQL statement is valid before updating the SQL review column. No validation is done on this column, so if there is a mistake in the syntax, the SQL review window will display with no information and no error message.