OpenUtilities Substation Help

Wire Link Index

The software knows where the wire link continues by a combination of the wire link ID and a link index number associated with the ID.

The link index is assigned when you place the wire link symbol. You must assign the same link index number to the device ID of the outgoing and incoming signals (the index number can be any number you want). The software will evaluate the connections in ascending order based on the index number. In drawings, the link index number appears with a slash after the link tag (example: 1264/1) until the corresponding wire link is placed at which time the index number is replaced with the cross reference information.

Note: You cannot use the same link index number for more than one pair or group of signals in the same project. Each outgoing and incoming pair or group must get a unique index number.

Pairs Example

The example below shows how you would specify the wire link IDs with index numbers to make connections within the same page and between pages that do not follow the page number order.

In this example wires L1 and L2 begin on the left column of page 1 and are continued to the second column of page 1. Then from the second column of page 1 they connect to page 3. From page 3 they connect to page 2. Therefore, by using the index numbers, your wire links do not have to follow page number order.

Star or Multi-Reference Group Example

In the following example, the same wire link ID and index number are used on all the linked pages.